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Jon Cowie and Luca Moranzoni.

This project began for us back in 2015.  Since then well over 1000 dentists have joined us and trained with us.  One thing that hasn't changed are our core values.

PASSION - We love endo and we love endo education

INDEPENDENCE - We are free from company bias

INTEGRITY - We only teach what we do in OUR clinical practice

SMALL CLASS SIZES - A focus on the individual

AUTHENTICITY - Our courses  have organically developed from years of trial and error

Our Courses

The courses are tailored to complement each other and allow the option to take Module 1 and Module 2 to gain an extensive repertoire in modern clinical endodontics.  Module 3 can help start this journey for those that want to build fundamental skills before embracing the more complex and involved ideas and techniques.

Module 1 - Advanced Restorative Endodontics - explore the theory and practical of modern endodontic workflow with an emphasis on dentine preservation

Module 2 - Retreatment - a focus on endodontic retreatment with a mix of theory and lots of hands-on

Module 3 - Fundamentals in Endodontics - ideal for those looking to update or gain an insight into rotary nickel-titanium instrumentation

See upcoming courses below for available courses and full details

Luca Moranzoni Endodontist Bristol and Bath and Jon Cowie Endodontist Bristol and Bath- Contemporary Endodontics

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