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Simple and Predictable Contemporary Endodontics

This course, delivered over two consecutive days, is a fabulous opportunity to focus on simple and predictable endodontics.

  • Date: 26th - 27th March 2020
  • Venue: Future Inn, Bond Street South, Bristol. BS1 3EN

Course Tutors

Jon Cowie and Luca Moranzoni

Jon Cowie and Luca Moranzoni

Specialists in Endodontics

Jon and Luca both work in specialist endodontic referral practice at Circus Dental in Bath. Their philosophy for endodontic treatment has a restoratively driven approach, acquired after many years in general and referral practice. They are heavily involved in endodontic education and have a real passion for driving UK endodontics towards a more modern viewpoint.

Aims. To introduce concepts of restoratively driven endodontics and rotary endodontics, using materials and equipment that simplify treatment and increase efficiency.


• Understand the diagnosis and assessment required for endodontic and subsequent restorative treatment
• Gain proficiency in rubber dam placement including choosing the right clamps for the right situation
• Have hands-on experience accessing a molar Typodont tooth
• Have hands-on experience with the WaveOne Gold system and NiTi glide path file, WaveOne Gold Glider, in preparing a Typodont tooth
• Understand the importance of irrigation and obturation in improved endodontic outcome
• Have hands-on experience with obturation in simulated canales
• Understand the importance of coronal seal and have hands on experience with simplified bonding procedures and bulk fill composites for fast, efficient and predictable core build-up
• Gain an understanding of modern endodontic treatment work flow to deliver efficient, safe and reproducible endodontic results

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