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MODULE 1 - Advanced Restorative Endodontics (2 days) - Feb

Come and join us to grow your Restorative Endodontic skills and leave with a workflow to acheive this. Preservation is the heart-beat of modern endodontics and this course hosted at Circus Dental ensures an unbiased, honest appraisal of approaches and techniques. Running the course in our clinic means we open our doors to welcome you to see exactly what we do.

  • Date: 10th - 11th February 2022
  • Venue: Circus Dental, 13 Circus, Bat, BA1 2ES
  • Price: £1440

Course Tutors

Jon Cowie and Luca Moranzoni

Jon Cowie and Luca Moranzoni

Specialists in Endodontics

We are both GDC registered Specialists in Endodontics and have had the pleasure to train over 1000 dentists sharing our passion for endo education that is relevant for day-to-day clinical dentistry. Our teaching embraces the philosophy of dentine preservation, a key concept in modern restorative endodontics.

We work in specialist private practice in Bath and have been taking endodontic referrals for over a decade. Jon trained at Kings College and Luca at The Eastman so we bring a broad background of training to the table but have a common ethos of education, knowledge sharing, patient care and clinical endodontics.

We look forward to welcoming you to the practice and the course.

The programme (2 days)

We make no apologies for working you hard - we value your time that you invest to come and join us.  This programme is an intensive 2-day course where theory and hands-on are blended to ensure continuity that carry-through into your clinic. This is a clinically focused course for the modern dental practitioner. 

Why chose us?

* Small group learning, honest, unbiased and with a modern approach

* Enjoy close supervision with 2 specialist endodontists

* This small class size ensures time can be spent to specific delegate needs within the framework of the course

* Zeiss microscopes available to use

* Learn at your own pace with Acadental and Frasaco teeth available to carry-out taught procedures without the multitude of issues with extracted teeth.

The theory:

* Case planning and the conversation on prognosis including the use of advanced imaging (CBCT)

* Modern concepts of restoratively driven access cavity and canal preparation

* The microscope in practice - discussed and showcased in an endo/general surgery and an overview on ergonomics

* Locating the MB2

* TruNatomy instrumentation to allow a focus on restoratively driven endodontics and the concept of dentine preservation

* Gauging to determine apical diameter

* The role of the apex locator

* Modern irrigation concepts to tackle Biofilms and Smear Layer. Ultrasonic activation. Enhance techniques to allow single visit treatments

* Advanced obturation techniques. Warm Vertical compaction

* Learn how to get down the calcified canal and ledged canal

The hands-on:

1. Access cavity on Typodonts - learn the key structures to preserve for a restoratively driven endo approach

2. TruNatomy instrumentation on a selection of bespoke designed Typodonts to focus on problem-based endodontics - learn the skills to solve the problems that occur in clinic

3. Cold lateral compaction recap but a wider focus on advanced obturation techniques - warm vertical compaction

4. Negotiating a ledged canal (bespoke simulated canal)

“The course was exceptionally good, it was comprehensive, presented new challenges and provided us, the delegates, with the means to overcome them.”



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